Corporate Social Responsibility

There is a famous saying, ‘Don’t ask what your country has done for you instead ask what you have done for your country.’ Though simple, its essence is heart touching. It is more than our responsibility, it is our obligation, to serve the society in which we live and grow.

Understanding our obligation towards the society, we have taken some initiatives to make it a better place for living. And however small a step may be, a lead is all it takes to make the change happen.


Responsibility towards society

The society has given us a lot and to compensate for that, we in return have implemented some on-ground efforts. We organize blood-donation-camps across the city from time to time. It is extremely unfortunate that someone has to die or suffer just because blood of matching group cannot be arranged in time for transfusion. Hence we have taken it upon ourselves to encourage citizens to donate blood and by thus help in improving health and saving lives of many patients. Further we have also set an example for other players by preventing the social evil of child labour. We have been responsibly careful not to employ any child labour in our factory. In fact we strongly believe in child education and freedom of children. We are obliged not only legally but also morally to treat them justly. They are future of the tomorrow’s world and we are the ones who have to irrigate their tender minds with values that can inspire a positive change in the world. We have also taken steps to create infrastructure that add to the beauty of this happy-go-lucky city, Rajkot. As a part of one of such measures we have built Kich Circle near RKC College.


Responsibility towards environment

Each and every individual must make a contribution in the movement of preserving environment, precisely because, environment means the air we breathe. We understand this and hence we have taken a pledge to protect and preserve environment. Our eco-friendly offerings stand to testify for our efforts towards saving the environment. Not stopping there we took our commitment one step further and built our new environment-friendly corporate house that today stands as India’s first green building under Architectural Products Segment. We also undertake tree plantation activities on many occasions.These activities have served two purposes, one they have added to eye-pleasing lush greenery of the city and second they have done the job of creating self-awareness among citizens towards saving the environment.